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Allow departments to have status of active and inactive

Today, departments do not have a status option. Old departments can only be deleted. Provide us the option to inactivate a department.
Charles Hughes 16 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Course past due message should be at the course level, not the template level

It would be nice to include a course past due message at the course level where you could customize it, not have it send at all. have it send more than once etc. etc. More flexibility with messages please!
Kristin Payne about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Use Existing Learning Object Completions

I love the Use Existing and Content Libraries Learning objects. It would be amazing if when someone completed the package within the course, it applied to any other course with that same package. This would be really helpful to prevent users from ...
Alyssa Wied about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Duplicate objects

We'd love the ability to duplicate objects so we don't have to manually recreate an object with similar settings.
Guest about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 1

Import file to create a Group

It would be nice if LMS Admins could have the ability to create a user group based on any field in the users file via import file (on the VC not via FTP or Absorb Support). It would save a lot of time when Enrolling users in Curriculum by Job Titl...
Jane Beauseigneur about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

ILCs need a recurring functionality for onboarding new hires

Currently ILCs have a recurring functionality but it's formatted to work for college type courses: an ILC recurs weekly for example but the people enrolled stay the same, like in a college course where new chapters are covered each week to the sam...
majdou lavoie 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Default to Detail view within curriculum

We solely use curriculums to organize our courses. We are able to default to Card view on the My Courses page, but don't have an option to select a default view once within a Curriculum. The way we utilize course descriptions and thumbnails, havin...
Amanda Wellons 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Do not allow forwarding of meeting invites for ILC courses

Microsoft Outlook allows me to turn off "Allow Forwarding" on a meeting invite. The invites sent out by Absorb LMS are forwardable, allowing learners to add class sessions to their calendar (along with any details included in the meeting (location...
Christopher Yellen 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Do not allow nudge setting Nudge every with a number but max nudges of 0

Today, per the support article, when max nudges is 0, no nudges will be sent. It is confusing when you can save a Course with Nudge every 7 days and max nudges of 0. An Admin might think that this is infinite max nudges and not that "no nudges" ...
Charles Hughes about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Bulk Manual Complete Courses

There have been times where I need to bulk change the course status for a number of users. For example, mark multiple users as complete on a course or curriculum.
Marina Haynes about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0