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Why do I need 3 accounts to use Absorb

My organization's Absorb portal, the support site, and now this portal require different logins. It would really simplify things if it was just one account.
Carter Vitacco 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Send test email from template editor

When creating a custom email notification template have the option to send a test email from the editor.
Carolyn Harris 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Add a Preview Course Button

No description provided
Guest 6 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Photo Uploads

It would be very helpful if you could add photos to course descriptions and session descriptions by uploading a photo instead of having to have a web address. I would like it to work the same as it does for when you upload thumbnail or other photo...
Guest 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Re-Enrollment for Completed Course or Curriculum creates Fresh Item

Re-Enrollment by Admin for a Completed course or curriculum does not lead to another Enrolled item, it changes the existing one to Progress 0%, Status Not Started. Please add the creation of a new entry/item as primary or optional functionality fo...
Roger Signarowski 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Include First and Last Name by Default for the Task Report Layout

Seems like low hanging fruit.... Please add the First and Last Name to the default layout for the Task report. The fields are there they just aren't included in the default layout - only the UserName is there by default. For our less-experienced a...
Kristin Payne 8 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Ad-hoc Nudge Emails

Since nudge emails are scheduled based on the configuration set when a Course is created, the ability to send additional nudges on an ad-hoc basis would enable the ability to prompt completion of courses without the need to adjust the nudge email ...
Guest about 2 months ago in Admin Experience 4

Select specific users/admins that receive message notifications

We have a need to add specific users and admins to receive message notifications outside of the options that are currently available to select from (Learner, Supervisor, Admin). This is mostly prohibiting us from using message notifications outsid...
Amanda Wellons about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 1

Users - Add a "Group" option to Column/Category drop down menu

To whom it may concern,In 'USERS" via Admin there is no "Group" Column/Category that can be added to confirm that a user belongs to a group. Nor is this option available under "GROUPS". Currently you have to go into each individual user and verif...
Larry Weddle 22 days ago in Admin Experience 1 Likely to Implement

Add an audit trail report for system admins

An audit trail report would be a list of important admin activities that could show things like changes to completion status or enrollment activities. In its simplest version, it would show the action, who performed it, and when.We are in a heavil...
Chris Boldon about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 1