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Allow for batch select & export from the Media Library in Create

It would be really helpful if we could export multiple images at once from the Media Library in Create. My organization reuses a lot of our images for related content or customizing content for smaller audiences, and being able to multi-select an...
Guest 4 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Overwriting course files of the same name are not overwritten with updated version, but should be

After overwriting course files (e.g., pdf, html, etc.) of the same name, they are not overwritten with an updated version of the file, and the LMS continues to serve up the original version, requiring the file name to be changed and reloaded. This...
Roger Signarowski 4 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Have LMS remove end of course name spaces when searching for or creating new course titles

End of name spaces prevent a course title from being found in a Catalog Search by Learner, or Course Search by Admin. Please make change to have the LMS remove end of name spaces when searching for or creating new course titles.
Roger Signarowski 4 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Include course type in user enrolment report

As an admin when we want to view course enrolments for a learner the "Courses Type" is not available in the drop down list for selection. This will be a very useful feature if we have the same courses name for an "Online Course" and " Instructor ...
Sachin 4 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Make chapters optional within a course

In a curriculum we have the functionality to pre set a minimum number of courses the leaner need to complete in order to complete the curriculum. Can we also introduce a similar feature at a course and chapter level. This would be immensely usefu...
Sachin 4 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Automatic attendance for virtual venues

Our large and growing company wanted to go with a robust learning management system. Virtual meetings are the norm these days and it's crucial to have an LMS that has automated attendance trackers rather than manually entering attedance for organi...
Guest 4 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Restore ability to easily run Course Activity reports for inactive courses

On the Course Activity report page, the report no longer allows Admins to easily run inactive course reports and use the Course name filter to search for inactive courses. This is making it very difficult to manage a number of inactive courses wit...
Zoe Green 5 days ago in  0

Create a 'new hire folder' (orientation package modules necessary for any and all staff can be assigned with one click)

If all staff require it before specific job functions are assigned it is easy to assign as a folder or package, with the modules in it, and make sure nothing is missed
Guest 7 days ago in Integration 0

ILC Session View - Unenroll Studen

We would like to see the ability to unenroll a participant from the ILC Session View.
Suzan Haizlip 8 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Ability to set email prompt for admins to check courses for updates.

I try to automate as much as possible. its makes life easier. I wonder if is possible to set a flag or reminder, at course creation, for creator to check currency at customised intervals. E.g. If today I create a course whose content is likely ...
Karne Deguet 8 days ago in Admin Experience 0