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Ability to Duplicate Courses Containing Learning Objects Made in Create

If a course contains any learning objects made in Create, we currently cannot duplicate that course. This requires admins to spend an unnecessary amount of time re-building each course we need to duplicate. Please introduce the ability to duplicat...
Kaycee Vallozzi 3 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Unable to modify and update the historical/inactive enrollment data or attendance

No description provided
Jun Leong 4 days ago in  0

Set Default Items Per Page to 1000

Ability to set default items per page to more than 20 for all reports
Jackie Watson 17 days ago in Admin Experience 1 Unlikely to Implement

Multiple Choice or survey format for Course Evaluation

Is there a way to include a multiple choice or survey/poll for evaluation format, right now it's just rating and text?
Rhea Negapatan 7 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Add assets to existing courses for current enrollees

When we update assets or add lessons to existing courses, individuals already enrolled may need to be re-enrolled to see the new items. Looking to allow functionality for us to update assets and lessons as much as we need to, without having re-enr...
Christina Moran 6 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Change a due date retroactively

Currently, there is not a way to retroactively change the due date (e.g. moving the due date from Sept 1 to Oct 1) for already enrolled learners. Sometimes we change our minds about due dates after a course has been launched, and would like to be ...
Kelly Helms 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Enable keyboard shortcuts on admin portal

Other LMS's that we have used have keyboard shortcuts to allow for a more efficient and faster navigation. Example, when searching for a user, if you filter by username / name / email, other system allow hitting enter (from keyboard) to retrieve t...
Guest 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Schedule an enrollment

Ability to schedule a user to be enrolled in a course/curriculum on a specified date/time.
Adam Loutenschlager about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 6

Easier Way to Download Course Uploads

There needs to be a much easier way for admins to download a course upload file. In most instances we need to know that a user has uploaded a document AND see what the document is. There should be an option from the Course Uploads report to easily...
Kristin Payne 7 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Require Session Selection upon ILC Enrollment

When a learner enrolls in an ILC Session it is possible to not select a Session resulting in potential confusion, the ability to configure a required session enrollment will ensure learners select a Session and have a complete enrollment
Guest about 2 months ago in Learner Experience / Admin Experience 8 Currently on Roadmap