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Track Billboard clicks

Similiar to the idea to see how many views News Articles get (see, It would be great to be able to see how many clicks a specific Billboard gets. This way we can see how impactful the messaging of the b...
Colton Hensley 8 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Upload - Admin only view

Allow the ability to upload course rosters which have signatures of people who attended. Allow Admin to see uploaded roster on the admin side and don't include on learner side, since they don't need to see the roster signatures. This is for regula...
Christina Johnson 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Additional Answer Types to Observation Checklists

Currently, the only options for Observation Checklists responses are a "Yes/No" or a free-form Observation. If the Observation Checklist had a similar feature to the Assessment and allowed for a Multiple Choice Question Type in single- or multiple...
Kate Jackson 9 days ago in Admin Experience 2 Reviewed

Add more learner-focused features to Instructor Led Courses

Our company mostly runs in-person trainings, for which we use ILCs to calendar and assign instructors. However, these learners need to be evaluated by the instructor and sometimes take a quiz/test in order to get their certification. We use Online...
Kate Jackson 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Put Edit Activity back into the My Activity Widget

The Admin's "My Activity" widget used to show courses I had recently created or worked on. They also contained a quick link to that course so I could quickly return to my work. It's gone.Please put back my Created and Edited activities into the "M...
Rick Kerner 9 days ago in Reporting / Admin Experience 0

Deselect Users After Taking Action

When you select a user and then edit them, or view their transcript in the admin view, it would be preferable to have them deselected when you come back to the main user view. It is an extra click to deselect them each time.
Guest 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Enable Ad Hoc Sessions and multiple class dates/times for ILCs

We have experienced difficulties while attempting to accurately schedule, enroll learners, and report on ILC training sessions that contain more than one class. We either need the option to create ILC sessions that contain multiple classes that st...
Zoe Green 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

stop sending 2 instructor email notifications

When you create an ILC and assign an instructor, two parts of the "instructor" email template go out. The instructor notification section (which I understand and want) and the Course Update for Instructors goes out (why? The course wasn't update...
Chris 9 days ago in Learner Experience 1

E-Signature Simplified

Currently, the E-Signature is designed for compliance with the U.S.'s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and requires that the Learner enter either: Username and Password, or Username and PIN.For us, and any customer using Single-Sign-On, this fe...
Rick Kerner 10 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Warning when auto-enroll is set to "all learner"

Dear communitywe have cases where Power User set the auto-enrollment rule to "all learner" and +8'000 learners receive an enrollment email.It would help and reduce support efforts when there would be a warning when the rule is set to "all learner"...
Carsten Aulbach 10 days ago in Admin Experience 0