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Resource link available in Admin Experience

I'd love to be able to see the link for a resource within the resource table on the admin side, rather than creating it, going into the learner experience and then finding the "share link".
Tracy Parish 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Make Collaborations more Forum Like

I use the Collaborations to assign discussion-board style work in an applied course we teach, asking course participants to discuss specific questions coming from the material (course is run asynchronously in that they can get in anytime, but stil...
Stephen Lathom 2 months ago in Learner Experience 1

Include days until expiration in email messages

In our nudge and expiration emails, we would like to include the phrase: "your certificate expires in xx days", rather than inserting the actual date of expiration. Could this be added?
Kendall Brady 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Simpler E-Signature

We are finding too many users forgetting their e-signature when it comes to the first time they needed. They set it up when they first log in, which for us is likely the first or second day with the company. Some courses, the e-signature is re...
Drew Klassen 4 months ago in Learner Experience 0

Make Post Enrollment Actions Relative to the ILC session Date

Rather then choosing X# of days to delay a post enrollment, we would like the delay to be relative to the session date. For example, complete the automatic post enrollment 21 days before the session date.
Guest 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Filter for Mobile Enabled

On the course page, a filter indicating whether the course is mobile enabled would be really helpful.
Alyssa Wied 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Calendar Editable for Administrators

This would allow for users with administration rights to edit the calendar for all users. For example, for upcoming in-person classes, all users would be able to check their calendar and see those upcoming courses. Also, adding a link to the cours...
Guest about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Duplicate Filter

Would like to see a filter for any of the columns in the users page that would allow admins to search for duplcate information, users. I believe this would help manage accounts especially if admins aren't aware when any duplicate accounts exist. T...
Domingo Retana 3 months ago in Admin Experience 0

View TASK report WITHOUT adding course name first.

As an admin/Training & Capability Manager, I want to be able to see all outstanding tasks on the one page. We have 411 active courses and only 3 Training & Capability Managers who are their own admins. We don't always remember what cours...
Karne Deguet 3 months ago in Admin Experience 1

Groups based on Job Roles

We would like the ability to set rules based on people's roles in the system. This would allow us to assign courses and reports based on role. We would like to auto-assign different trainings based on the employees level of admin access (more adv...
Alyssa Wied 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0