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Post Enrollments: Required "Delay" field to avoid null value not triggering Post Enrollment action.

Problem Statement: When setting a Post Enrollment within a curriculum or a course, the "Delay" field requires a value, otherwise, the rule will not do anything. The system does not prevent you from forgetting to enter a value into this field. Thus...
Jason Duane 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

"Course Templates" and "Curriculum Templates", for new courses and curricula.

Problem Statement: There are many rules and settings one has to remember to enable or disable, or set up in order for a new course or curriculum to work the way its intended. For example, if one forgets to set up Post Enrollments, all users assign...
Jason Duane 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Make Enrollment Key data available in Analyze

We use enrollment keys to deliver training to customers and track a lot of metrics around enrollment key usage, number of available seats, number of keys, etc. We are currently tracking all of this data manually and recently purchased Analyze. Ple...
Nikki Holladay 15 days ago in Analyze 0

Apply sorting option to the "My Courses" ribbon on the dashboard. Currently, can't sort alpha numerically.

The Course setting in the template settings only applies to the "My Courses" page. There needs to be a setting for the "My Courses" on the dashboard. We want our learners to be able to explore (view only) courses they are required to take for our ...
Guest 15 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Designate CC Email for New User Emails

We would like to have the system send copies of New User Messages via a CC field we could use during the User Import process. We would like to send a copy of each New User email to the individual who requested the new users. (We do not want this i...
Amy Janczy 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Uploads - Course prompts learner to completed when required

We created a course that requires an upload. Many learners are missing this, (despite us adding a quiz question- how do you complete this course - select all that apply, a pdf with instructions, and video demoing it). The course will say 90%, but ...
Amanda Vogt 15 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Make Leaderboards points match assessment scores

I would like my leaderboards to accumulate the assessment score for the points system. So that when someone that scores better on the assessment they are the leader in points.
Guest 16 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Track tile clicks

It would be nice to have the ability to pull a report on tiles to see who has clicked which tiles to gauge interest/popularity of a given tile.
Guest 16 days ago in Reporting 0

admin permissions - users

We need to be able to allow certain admins to only activate or deactivate users, but not be able to edit or delete users... this is currently not possible because in order to activate or deactivate a user, the admin has to have 'modify' permission...
Krista M 16 days ago in  0

Multi language subtitles

We are looking at expanding our course materials to Spanish speaking learners. We would like to see the option of selecting multiple language in the sub title menu, so our learners could select their prefered language.
Guest 16 days ago in Learner Experience 1