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Attach certificate as pdf to completion email

It would be great if the certificates could be attached as pdf's to the completion email that gets sent out once the attendance has been marked, instead of it just being available in the "transcript" section. This would increase the learner experi...
6 months ago in Admin Experience 11 Reviewed

Enable deep links (course links) to go directly to course through SSO

By definition in most platforms, a deep link takes you directly to specific content, through SSO, even if you are not currently logged into the platform. In the case of Absorb, the direct course links only work if you're already logged into the pl...
about 2 months ago in Learner Experience 7 Reviewed

Add company address and links to SoMe channels on department contact details

I would like to be able to add our Company address/location and links to message templates, e.g. to website and SoMe channels. However these fields does not currently exist in the Department contact details. My idea is to add these fields: Company...
5 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Option to re-order courses under Catalog for a Category

The default sort order doesn't include option to see courses that were created as first ones. The only solution for now it to change the course name to see it in alphabetical order under Catalog. I suggest to create a new sort order: "oldest".
5 days ago in Learner Experience 0

View more than 20 names when creating a group or enrolling users

In the previous admin portal (A5), we had the ability to view more than 20 users when manually enrolling them in a course or creating a new group. In the Admin Experience it cuts off after 20 and displays a message "too many items to list." We wou...
about 2 months ago in Admin Experience 0
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Schedule an enrollment

Ability to schedule a user to be enrolled in a course/curriculum on a specified date/time.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 15

Resources - ability to report

We would like the ability to be able to report on the usage and activity of the global resources as well as be able to add these to widgets in the dashboards. As learning nuggets and quick reference guides are becoming more important in learning d...
16 days ago in Reporting 0

Admin ability to upload external certificates without impersonating the Learner

This will be handy and time as the admin can upload certificates sent to them and approve at the same time instead of first impersonating and then going back to the admin experience to approve the upload.
27 days ago in  1

Ability to Leave a Note on Learner Attendance

We would like the ability to leave a note when marking attendance for learners. When going into the learner's grades/ attendance, we can mark them complete, not complete, absent, change the score, etc. We would like to also be able to leave a note...
12 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Increasing Animations

Presently, the animations are limited to entrance and exit. I often find when I am adding a voice over, that I want to emphasize something on the screen, but I have no way to do that unless I hide that content until that point in the audio. I'd lo...
12 days ago in Absorb Create 0