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Customizable title for Create lessons

Create clients building large curricula must leverage a single Create lesson across many courses. A generic name is employed for the development process, but once it is Published associated with a course, the name is no longer descriptive or helpf...
Suzanne Veteikis 3 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Microsoft Teams Breakout Room Manager capabilitiy

In July, Microsoft released to Microsoft Teams the ability for meeting owners to designate attendees as presenter/managers of breakout rooms. Also released was the ability to pre-assign breakout rooms. When Absorb schedules an ILC session with MS ...
Timothy Smith 4 days ago in Integration 2

Enable/Disable Editing Completions (Completion Editing Being a Role Toggle)

As a large company that uses Absorb to manage it's dealer network, each dealership has admins that we grant role abilities to. We've recently had a small volume admins begin to edit their team's teams completions in some form (e.g. assigning credi...
Guest 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

New Resume Tile icon format doesn't match the other tiles

After Next Gen LE phase 1 was released on 7/24/22, the resume tile looks completely different than all of the other tiles.
Charles Hughes 23 days ago in Learner Experience 16 Reviewed
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Add an Overdue Status

Please add an overdue status. This would make filtering as a whole so much easier!
Alyssa Wied 4 months ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 7 Likely to Implement

Hide expired ILC sessions

Hello, When enrolling learners onto ILC sessions, it brings up the whole list of past & future ILC sessions, which makes it difficult to find the right one. Can there be a way to hide the past sessions so we can only choose from future sessions?
Kristy Eighteen 7 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Notify learners when their observation checklist review has been submitted by reviewer

Currently, there is no way for a learner to know that their observation checklist has been reviewed and graded. They do not get any notification. This is problematic as they may never check back organically - they should be notified. Please add th...
Cait Breslin 5 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Ability to Move Course or Multiple Courses into a Category

We need to be able to move a course or multiple courses (as a mass action) into a category. Having to go into each individual course is time consuming.
Guest 7 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Ability to automatically assign course based off of a custom field

We capture "surgery date" in the Create New User section. Based off of the patient's surgery date, we want to automatically assign a follow up course X weeks after the surgery date.
Jenny Green 9 days ago in Learner Experience 1

Allow Admins to Delete Assessment Responses

When creating a new Assessment in an Online Course, I test it out by inputting a lot of test/sample responses. Then, they're stuck there forever. Admins should be able to delete (test) responses to an Assessment. (SurveyMonkey allows Admins to del...
Rick Kerner 21 days ago in Admin Experience 1