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Created on Sep 28, 2021

Customize Task Submission Notification Email

Task submission notification email (in A5) currently uses User Name to identify who has submitted the task. Our company uses a number as the user name. Each time a task is submitted, the reviewer has to go into the system to determine who submitted the task.

Why this is a problem: in our division, when a new hire starts they are assigned a coach. As task review cannot be assigned by individual, all new hire tasks go to the manager of the coaching team. He then distributes the task to the appropriate coach. Since the notification email can't be customized, he has to go into the system, find the corresponding user (to the numeric user name), determine that user's coach, and forward the email. Customizing the Task Submission Notification Email to include first and last name or email address in addition to or in place of user name would greatly benefit our staff.

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