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Status Unreviewed
Categories Admin Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 18, 2023

Use the module title instead of the file name when updating third party courses.

Right now, when updating the 3rd party lesson, it is difficult to determine what actually changed. I think it's really great that the system shows the user, date, and time of the change. However, the information below isn't helpful to other admin that may need to view this course history. It would be better if we could see the lesson name or other information that better identifies which third-party lesson was updated.

Example: Changed ThirdPartyLesson Url From Private/Courses/62c3e33c-a07f-4683-be98-d6975b5391ad/5zgrani5/index_lms.html To Private/Courses/62c3e33c-a07f-4683-be98-d6975b5391ad/t0ixhzqc/index_lms.html

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