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Interaction visibility behavior based on slide completion not course competion

It would be great to have the option to have an object appear if the individual slide is completed rather than the entire course. For example, when I make a branching slide, the learners have to complete all portions and are sent back to the start...
Brian Fore about 14 hours ago in Absorb Create 0

Customizable title for Create lessons

Create clients building large curricula must leverage a single Create lesson across many courses. A generic name is employed for the development process, but once it is Published associated with a course, the name is no longer descriptive or helpf...
Suzanne Veteikis 3 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Drop down in Create

There should be a dropdown feature in the create tool
Guest 13 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Convert PowerPoint to an Absorb Create Course

It would be helpful if a PowerPoint presentation could be imported and converted to an Absorb Create course
David Patane 3 months ago in Absorb Create 0 Currently on Roadmap

Offer more interactive quiz types than just multiple choice

Offer more interactive quiz types than just multiple choice . Drag and drop preselections into sentence locations or over images and connect images/text with lines would all be great editions to the quiz taking experience and adds for better proof...
Guest 11 months ago in Absorb Create / Learner Experience 4 Unlikely to Implement

Allow the tracking of interactions with SCORM 2004 (4th edition) in order to see the questions and answers of the learners

For quiz LMS
Guest 10 months ago in Absorb Create 2 Currently on Roadmap

Display the transcript next to and not over the slide

Our suggestion : With a click of a button, the course will show the narration script on the side instead of covering what is being presented in the course.
Axelle Poujade 22 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Create User Test Group

I suggest having a Create User Test Group from Absorb clients to discuss current processes, workflows, pain points, and suggestions for enhancing the Create product. I have 15+ years of experience using several other elearning authoring tools and ...
Amy Wells 3 months ago in Absorb Create 1 Reviewed

Timed quiz in Create

Building timed quiz in Create will help build quizzes and exams that are time sensitive in nature. Today without this capability it is not possible to build an exam / assessment where we could gauge the user's expertise in a time-bound environment.
Murali Manohar 3 months ago in Absorb Create 3 Reviewed

Resources - no attachment required

Right now, resources are required to have an attachment, either a PDF or URL link. I'd like that field to NOT be mandatory. I'd like to be able to provide supplemental info there without needed a link.
Guest 29 days ago in Absorb Create 0