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Increasing Animations

Presently, the animations are limited to entrance and exit. I often find when I am adding a voice over, that I want to emphasize something on the screen, but I have no way to do that unless I hide that content until that point in the audio. I'd lo...
12 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Poster image on courses

When creating a course there is the option to add in a poster image. Currently, the image size is fixed and when you expand the page the image isn't responsive to larger areas, creating a greyed out area either side of the image. It would be great...
7 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Remove correct answers from knowledge check question feedback.

Knowledge check questions have amazing feedback customization, but when that feedback is shown, the option to Show Correct Answers is not an option that can be toggled off. Many clients and prospects feel this undermines the thought that goes into...
19 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Create Download PowerPoint

Be able to download the powerpoint as a template so content experts can update with their changes or add/delete items and then be able to upload it again with the changes. Saves time and easier to share. Currently created a template for powerpoint...
28 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Leave lesson error

At the end of the course there is a pop up that says you are leaving the course and you will loose all your work which apparently is the function when you leave the create side to enter the LMS. This is even worse with the curriculum. The next but...
2 months ago in Absorb Create 2

Offer more interactive quiz types than just multiple choice

Offer more interactive quiz types than just multiple choice . Drag and drop preselections into sentence locations or over images and connect images/text with lines would all be great editions to the quiz taking experience and adds for better proof...
over 1 year ago in Absorb Create / Learner Experience 4 Unlikely to Implement

Allow for Rich text / HTML file to be imbeded in a Create slide; make scrollable text box accept rich text

It would be very helpful if it would be possible for you to have rich text to be added as an object in a course being built in Create. Following the same idea, it would be nice to have the scrollable text have the option to include rich text so we...
25 days ago in Absorb Create 0

E-Signature - More than one in a course

Have the ability to have more than one E-Signature, one for the employee and one for the training officer, or supervisor to sign off that everyone is satisfied with the training.
27 days ago in Absorb Create 0

Create Quiz - add the ability to ask certain number of questions from the quiz

In our base product, you have the ability to "Ask certain number of questions from group" when creating a quiz / assessment. It would be an improvement to be able to do this in Create.
4 months ago in Absorb Create 0

Allow the tracking of interactions with SCORM 2004 (4th edition) in order to see the questions and answers of the learners

For quiz LMS
over 1 year ago in Absorb Create 3 Currently on Roadmap