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Button State for clicked

One comment I have gotten from both my team and from learners is that there is not way for a learner to know when a button has been clicked. For example, I use a lot of tooltips with video and audio to highlight different parts of the page for lea...
8 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Ability to Animate Bullet Points in Create

After uploading a powerpoint to Create, it would be great if there was a way to put an entrance time on each bullet point on a slide vs having to separate out the text into individual lines (to align with voiceover).
15 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Allow toggle of pass/fail function of Knowledge Checks.

It would be great to see the knowledge checks expand beyond just quizzing for a specific correct answer and allow them to capture participants' divergent thinking. For example, currently, I am limited to using a Free Text object to capture partici...
9 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Speed Adjustment Feature for "Voice Over"

I would like to propose the addition of a speed adjustment feature for the "Voice Over" functionality provided by Absorb Create. Currently, administrators can utilize the "Voice Over" feature to add audio narration to their e-learning content. How...
about 2 months ago in Create 5 Unreviewed

Re-enter playbook from current slide option in Create

When using the playback mode in Create, sometimes you'll catch a little something that needs edited and go back to editor mode. Now to go back to playbook, it starts at the very beginning. It would be great to have the choice to playbook from the ...
14 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Order Comments - Absorb Create

There are times when I watch a video that my creative team put together two or three times. Sometimes I see things on the second or third pass and add a comment that is now out of order. I'd like to be able to organize the comments on the right ha...
14 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Absorb Create - vertical scrolling course layout

Flexibility to allow content authors in Absorb Create to structure courses in a scrolling manner rather then page by page. This is incredibly useful for long form text/ codes/ tables/ diagrams. It promotes a seamless flow of content, intuitive for...
6 months ago in Create 1 Unreviewed

Allow option for Learners to see wrong questions at the end of a test.

We have tests that are required for Certification in the subject matter. When designing the test in Create, I would like the option to show the Learner all wrong questions at the end of the test so they know what subject matter they need to spend ...
about 1 month ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Auto create course poster with Create

When you publish a course, have it ask if you want a poster auto-created (from the first slide maybe?); or you could include poster creation as part of the course creation - so it essentially works like Amplify where if you convert a course, there...
14 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Create should have the ability to zoom in and out as you are building a course page.

A majority of my course creation in Absorb comes from importing .pptx slides. This, of course, requires some modifications and adjustments to my course pages. Having the ability to zoom in and out of a course page while building would allow for gr...
23 days ago in Create 1 Unreviewed