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Evaluation report to include multiple courses

A report that captures evaluation questions attached to a course for a period of time ie month or the quarter. Currently the report is per course.
Jaz 3 days ago in Reporting 0

Put Edit Activity back into the My Activity Widget

The Admin's "My Activity" widget used to show courses I had recently created or worked on. They also contained a quick link to that course so I could quickly return to my work. It's gone.Please put back my Created and Edited activities into the "M...
Rick Kerner 9 days ago in Reporting / Admin Experience 0

Change 'male/female' options to 'man/woman/non-binary' in the Gender field

"Male" and "female" describe sex, not gender. A field for Gender should reflect actual gender descriptors, such as "man", "woman", or "non-binary". Alternatively, if a business needs to know the biological sex of an employee for some reason, then ...
Guest 10 days ago in Reporting 0

Scalable points earned for leaderboards based on certain course performance metrics

We are looking to implement the leaderboards for our company in order to guage our top performing learners who really take initiative to learn. However, the problem we have with the current setup is that if the majority of our learners take the co...
Leighton Brixey 10 days ago in Reporting 0

Add all fields of the OJT checklist to be exported via the API

Make it so individual answers/ratings, comments and fields of the checklist can be exported via the API.
Chris 14 days ago in Reporting 0

Add API for Assessments

We would like to us an Absorb API to pull Assessment questions and answers into a BI Report (like MS Power BI). Currently, we must use the OTB Assessment reports and they do not visually meet our needs.
Charles Hughes 24 days ago in Reporting 0

Add API for Logins

Currently no API for Logins exists and this causes us to perform manual reports for Login activity. We would like to see an API for Logins to allow for Clients to see Login count in their Business Intelligence reports (like MS Power BI)
Charles Hughes 24 days ago in Reporting 0

How to conduct Gmail Setup on App?

One can easily conduct a Gmail setup on the app and for that, open the Gmail app. There, you have to tap on the profile picture on the iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Add another account. All you have to do is to choose the type of account which you wa...
Guest 30 days ago in Reporting 0

Simple Roster for Instructors

Instructor and just pull a roster of enrolled users by just filtering by course, or embed in the course
James Alexander about 1 month ago in Reporting 0

export reports by current view

Reports should export based on the current view rather than the last chosen saved layout.
Drew Klassen about 1 month ago in Reporting 0