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Ability to add more than 6 departments in the Course Enrollment Status by Department

I am customizing many of our training dashboards in excel outside of Absorb because we are a large employer with many divisions and departments. I would like to see more options in the dashboards for less manual work. It would be helpful to compar...
8 days ago in Administrator Dashboards 0 Unreviewed

Multi-Course Reporting in Tasks and Assessments

I love the feature of the multi-course reporting in course activity. We are a multi-language company so I can add both courses in English and Spanish in the same report. I would like to see this feature in all areas including curricula activity, t...
8 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Curricula Activity- show expiration date correctly on reports

Our MSHA Curriculum has to be set by a certain way according to guidelines. The course: Curriculum: MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training Availability: Expiration: Time from enrollment is set at 90 days. Due date from time of enrollment is 45 days. Comp...
9 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Co-owner option for Absorb Analyze dashboards

Currently, dashboards created in Absorb Analyze can only be owned by one admin. It would be beneficial to have the ability to assign a "back up" or "co-owner" to dashboards. This way, if the owner is out for any reason, the back up or co - owner w...
9 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed

Ability to group or organize dashboard reports into folders

I have so many reports on my dashboard, it would be nice to be able to organize them into folders or groups with headers.
9 days ago in Administrator Dashboards 0 Unreviewed

Print user transcript for several users at once

Since we work in a regulated business where we need to have documentation on the employees training it would be useful to be able to print/download several employees user transcripts at once.
18 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Enable Analyze Licenses through API or Data Imports (Batch Updating Analyze Licenses)

It would be helpful if Analyze licensing could be handled through API's or Data Imports. Currently, Analyze licensing is a manual process. It can be difficult to manage Analyze licenses of hundreds or even thousands of Analyze users manually.
21 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed

Add column for occurrences in ILC sessions report

It would be nice if we were able to pull the # of occurrences for each session to show how many days the class is. This would be especially helpful when the sessions run through the weekend, but there aren't classes over the weekend. Eg. class occ...
30 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Add approver to course upload report

When I run a report on course uploads, I can see if they are in progress, approved, or denied but I do not know WHO approved or declned the upload.
30 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Multi-Course Report - Course Titles in Columns

Can we please update the multi-course reporting to have the course titles listed in the columns then under each course title it can stat the status of that course for the learner: Not Started, In Progress, Completed? An advanced feature of this wo...
about 1 month ago in Reporting 1 Unreviewed