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Analyze - Allow Unsubscribe or to see subscriptions

If a user is subscribed to an Analyze dashboard, there's no way for admins or that user to easily find all of those subscriptions and remove them, leading to a barrage of unwanted midnight emails. The only person who can change subscriptions is th...
Jake Star 6 days ago in Analyze 0

***Scheduled Analyze reports for NON-Analyze users***

We'd like to be able to send Analyze scheduled reports to NON-Analyze users. This would allow us to leverage the data visualizations and advanced filtering available in Analyze.
Sarah Dewar about 1 month ago in Analyze 0

More Effective Dashboard Sharing Options in Analyze

Having additional options to filter and share the dashboard would be incredibly helpful. Right now the sharing options are selecting 1 by 1, which is not manageable for 1000 users or by sharing with everyone. We would need filters by department, g...
Alyssa Wied 21 days ago in Analyze 0 Currently Available

Analyze - Fix User Custom Fields

In the Analyze data model, we are able to show and report on User custom fields. However, if you add a custom field, the data model never gets updated, so you can't report on it or use it in Analyze. This is an urgent showstopper. Per support: "At...
Jake Star 24 days ago in Analyze 1 Likely to Implement

Allow Viewers to Schedule Reports to be Emailed in Analyze

Our viewers frequently request specific dashboards or widgets emailed directly to them. Similar functionality to how you can schedule reports in Inform.
Alyssa Wied 21 days ago in Analyze 1 Currently Available

Add a new Course Evaluations API endpoint

After reviewing the list of endpoints in API v1 and API v1.5, the Course Evaluations endpoint is not available. It contains an Id field, so I want to believe there is a table with this information. This should be an easy addition since, according ...
Miguel Morales 12 days ago in Analyze 0

***Adding Analyze widgets to standard Admin dashboards***

I'd like to see a way to add a limited number of Analyze widgets to standard Admin dashboards. Ideally, Admins could drill down into a report without having to open Analyze separately. I like the data visualizations in Analyze, and would like to b...
Sarah Dewar about 1 month ago in Analyze 0

Search Analytics Data

I would love to see a data table where we can pull the search analytics. I use the search analytics under settings to assess if people are finding what they need and to review common words or phrases. It would be awesome to create views of this da...
Alyssa Wied 4 months ago in Analyze 0

Enrolled By Field

Currently the added by user field only shows if the user was self enrolled in a course. I would be interested in a field where we could see who specifically enrolled the user in that content if it was an admin.
Alyssa Wied 3 months ago in Analyze 0

Add "Not Enrolled" reporting option for curricula, courses, and sessions.

Currently, Analyze is only reporting on active enrollments. We would like to report on users who are not enrolled in a course. For example, if a user is enrolled in a curriculum, we would like to see the user's status of all courses within that cu...
Guest 4 months ago in Analyze 4 Reviewed