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Delete Multiple Slides at once

My idea is quite simple. It would be really helpful to be able to select and delete multiple slides. Think Powerpoint slide review (see attached) which gives you a thumbnail view of an entire project. Benefits:-users would be able to delete more t...
about 1 month ago in Content 0

Online quiz option for ILC's

We have ILC's however, we keep records of their quizzing on absorb. Having to create a whole other e-learning module is a lot of extra work along with confusion. Please look into including an option for the ILC to upload an assessment for learners...
9 months ago in Content 2

Seeking for Absorb Content

Add "disable seeking" for absorb content
24 days ago in Amplify 0

Adding Resources to more then one catagory

We should be able to select more than one catagory hen adding a reqource instead of having to add it more tham once.
7 months ago in Content 0

Turnkey Integration with OpenSesame Content Library

Create a turnkey integration with the OpenSesame content library. OpenSesame is currently offering one of the larger content libraries on the market and the lack of integration options provided by Absorb adds a significant amount of work for our t...
about 1 year ago in Content / Integration 3

URGENT: Ability to DISABLE download function for Global Resources

When videos are uploaded to global resources, users can DOWNLOAD them. We need this function disabled. As we are a medical device company, users should not have permission to download the videos as they can then save them and share them outside of...
9 months ago in Content 1

Enhance ILC to include content pages

To engage learners in the platform more for an ILC course it would be great if course pages could be added so a learner could have an Introduction (possibly a video), complete pre-class tasks/assessment (helpful if a bulk export of assessment coul...
9 months ago in Admin Experience / Content 2

Automatically pull in a course image into a set message template

I would like to be able to create more appealing email messages with images, but in a more automated way than is currently possible. So instead of adding an image to the message template at course level, it would be great if I could pull in the co...
4 months ago in Content 0

Subscription Service

Creating a 'pay wall' function/feature to allow access to certain content by subscription vs. pay per course. For example. Subscription access to content for 1 year, 2, year, etc. or subscription access for content related to topic ACB
8 months ago in Content 1

Chronological sorting of the ILCs

It would be very helpful if the ILCS could be sorted by date of the webinar offered. The sorting Trending would not fit as well as Newest.
9 months ago in Content 1