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Forum/Discussion Board Learning Object

I'd like to see a new learning object where learners can talk to each other and share ideas and upload media. A discussion board with dated threads would be ideal. The course admin needs to be able to moderate and remove/alter learner posts.
Hugh Vaughan 2 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Content or Group Folders

There should be a way to create a dashboard folder or widget to a folder containing all resources, courses, and collaborations relevant to a specific group or department. If Group A wants to see all Group A material, they should be able to see it ...
Guest 13 days ago in Absorb Content 1

Please bring back the ability to upload files to the Root course file.

We need the ability to easily upload (as well as delete) files directly in a Root course file. That ability used to be there and is now gone with the new update. With the ability to upload files that way, several files could be uploaded at once. T...
Guest 28 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Auto Save changes/uploads when Editing Course

In the instance of a timeout or system malfunction/crash, user would be able to pick up where they left off. I had to reattempt to upload the same course items multiple times because of system issues. Finally had to doing a quick save after I uplo...
Toyette Chiles about 1 month ago in Absorb Content 0

Turnkey Integration with OpenSesame Content Library

Create a turnkey integration with the OpenSesame content library. OpenSesame is currently offering one of the larger content libraries on the market and the lack of integration options provided by Absorb adds a significant amount of work for our t...
Ben Moore 5 months ago in Absorb Content 2

Add option to have non-tracked SCORM courses that can be accessed by the public (non-account users).

In our previous LMS (TalentLMS), we had the ability to upload a SCORM course that a user could take, but not be tracked in. We used it as a way for visitors to try out our content before purchasing, but also allow for content that we didn't need t...
James Wong 23 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Agility to speed up/slow down video playback (similar to YouTube feature)

Many online video playback applications allow video to be played faster or slower. Can this be done in LMS?
Guest 29 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Select All Option for Edit Online Course

I would like a select all option for the edit icons at the top of the screen wen you select Edit Course. I have to manually click on each one as I commonly utilize many of their functions. The default is currently highlighting one option.
Bruno Lipniskis 4 months ago in Absorb Content 1

Crowd source how to's

I find reading through these questions that some of the problems are things that I myself have found work arounds for. I would assume that there are a lot of users who find the directions for how to use absorb very simplistic and lacking in the re...
Christina Keely 2 months ago in Absorb Content 1

Adding SCORM package as public

We wish to enhance our search engine visibility in Google and have been informed by Absorb that to do this our content needs to be uploaded and saved in the public folder. This option is not available when uploading a SCORM package. Adding this op...
Guest 3 months ago in Absorb Content 0