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Screenshot Notification for Admin to see if User Has Taken a Screenshot of Exam Questions

This will allow Admin to see if a user takes advantage of exam questions and use their computer, iPad, or phone to screenshot any of the questions. As this has caused a lot of issues, we are wanting to further avoid these users as best as possible...
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Nudge email Monday-Friday

Why can't Nudge be set to just the work week?
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testing grd
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Post approximate time durations for videos available in the Amplified Library

Create a notification of the video's time duration in the title or something in the main screen instead of making us dig through the description, IF it's even available. This will better allow us to gauge the approximate time needed to complete co...
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Users with a course status of 'In Progress' continue with the same course version

When course content is updated the assigned 'in progress' users will continue with the version they originally launched. Currently that version is overwritten. I find that when I update a course, usually Scorm content, the in progress users will h...
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Checked box for users and courses

Hello, Every time I click on a user or course, the check box stays checked after I save. I would have to manually scroll down to uncheck. Is there a way to uncheck once the page goes back/ refreshes? Hope this makes sense.
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Reduce cadence of tag refresh from one week to real time / instantaneously when you save.

No description provided
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