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Allow ability to view individual user progress of courses within a curriculum in the Manager Experience.

As a manager in the Manager Experience, being able to go to an individual user, view Curriculum, then see the course progress for all courses within the curriculum. As of now, the current view only shows the high level curriculum progress.
11 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Edit Manager Experience Widgets

It would be helpful to be able to edit the widgets on the Manager Experience Dashboard. There are some features we do not use and it would be nice to "declutter" the dashboard.
11 months ago in Manager Experience 2 Reviewed

Send a different email if a Manager enrolls a user in a course

The e-mail for course enrollment just says you have been enrolled. Can we create an email that says, Manager has enrolled you in course x? This would motivate Learners more if they knew a course was from the Manager and not just the platform.
11 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Show which manager experience a user resides in from user report

We are currently managing the manager experience manually. When auditing, there are times that I cannot add someone to a manager experience because they are already in someone else's - but there is no way of knowing who's. It would be great if the...
11 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Manager Experience in Spanish

We are implementing our LMS platform for users based in different countries that speak one of two languages (English or Spanish), and the Manager Experience area is only supported in English. So we require to have this area in Spanish as well.
11 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Viewing individual indirect reports course progess in the overview tab more easily

With the update to the Manager Experience now allowing you to view your indirect reports status on the overview tab, it would be helpful if you could drill into those specific course progresses for the indirects. Currently it just lets you see how...
12 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Unreviewed

Allow Managers to be direct report of another manager

I am the Director of Learning & Development at Cruise - we are a technology driven commercial entity providing robotaxi and autonomous delivery services. The problem that we are currently facing is that it appears as if managers cannot be a di...
12 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Multiple Languages in Manager Experience

We cannot launch the manager experience yet because it is only available in English. Everything we do must be translated for our French Canadian employees. It would be great if this feature was translated like the rest of the platform so we can us...
12 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Under Consideration

Managers need the ability to assign training to multiple users at once

With the recent update it looks like the manager experience is limit to a single assignment to a single employee at a time. We need to allow managers to choose multiple assignments and MORE IMPORTANTLY multiple employees.
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 1 Currently Available

Manager experience should permit multiple managers to follow the same employees

We have multiple managers responsible for the same seasonal and fulltime employees. As such, it would be helpful if the manager experience permitted the assignment of the same employee to multiple managers in the organization. Some employees work ...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed