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Reports: Expose relation to Curricula for a Course

Problem: I am unable to see the relations of a single course to other courses or curricula. This makes auditing hard, as I am not able to easily figure out if the course I am currently editing is included in other courses or curricula. This is nee...
over 2 years ago in Curriculum / Reporting 0 Unreviewed

ILC Curriculum Enrollment Make Easier

We created a Curriculum: Effective Personal Leadership ILC, it has 13 ILC classes that need to be taken in order to graduate from the Curriculum. There are 8 individuals from different departments with job different titles that need to be enrolled...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Curriculum / Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Provide back button on curriculum detail page

There is no option go back to the previous page when you are on Curriculum Detail page however, when you are within a sub-category, you do see an option to go back to the previous page.
over 2 years ago in Curriculum / Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Ability to create 'course uploads' function on a curriculum instead of within a course

You should be able to add the course uploads function to the external curriculum area, as once a user has completed say 3 courses, they can then download a word document to fill in an essay and then reupload it into that curriculum instead of hidd...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Curriculum / Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Allow Failure of a curriculum with the same lesson failure options

I read that lessons have an option to allow for failure which allows you to *Do nothing, *Reset all lessons, *allow re-take after. This would be great to have for curriculum so that when we reenroll for annual training we can mark the curriculum a...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Curriculum 0 Unreviewed

Update curricula due dates

Just like the ability to change and existing due dates for individual courses, that functionality should also be available for the curricula.
7 days ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed

Prevent curriculum permissions roll down

We have curriculums where different courses all count toward the same certification. We would like users to only be able to see their courses as determined by the Enrollment Rules at the course level.
about 1 month ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed

Add Waitlist for Curriculums with ILCs

It would be helpful if curriculums have a waitlist feature. We sell curriculums in cohorts and would like to limit the cohorts to a certain number of participants. but the only waitlist options right now are in the individual ILCs. So we don't hav...
7 months ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed

Greater course info options when building a curriculum

When building a curriculum, particularly from 3rd party content (which often has multiple instances of the same title, all sat within the same category), it is difficult to tell which course corresponds to which content (see attached screenshot)....
10 months ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed

Update re-enrollment features to mirror auto-enrollment rule

Want to be able to create re-enrollment rules exactly as we create auto-enrollment rules with the ability to specify a specific auto-enrollment date.
11 months ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed