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Reduce number of steps when uploading files (Introduce ability to drag and drop)

Could you allow users to drag and drop files in order to upload. At the moment there are too many steps/clicks/movements in order to upload a simple learning object or resource file into the LMS.
2 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Date Edited field should respond to Content Changes

Currently, if you modify any Learning Objects in an Online Course or Curriculum, the Date Edited field does NOT get updated. During an audit (such as ISO), it is very difficult to prove what Course version that a Learner has received, and it would...
13 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Import Supervisor Assignments

it would be helpful to have a way of automatically uploading the supervisor to the user's profile. The Employees at my company are constantly changing locations or we implement a supervisor rotation, so adjusting them manually is extremely time co...
1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

ILC Sessions - "Add Session Button"

It is time-consuming to go and edit a course in order to add a session. When an ILC course is selected, there should be an "add session" button populated.
about 10 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Certificate Report - Pinned Report

The certificate report does not have the functionality to Pin the report. It would be helpful to implement this for quicker access.
about 10 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Message Templates - choose Admins

For Message Templates, the current selection is to choose "send to administrators". It would be helpful to have the option to choose or make a rule about which admins will be notified.
about 10 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Status Updates for Course Bundles

When a user is enrolled, the current status for Course Bundles is N/A. I would like to track the status / progress of completion for the courses in the bundle.
about 10 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Force Profile Update

Sometimes new profile fields are added or we move users from an old system and they need to add additional profile information. Just like we can have an on-login course that users must take before going further into the LMS, we need an option to f...
5 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Post-Enrollments for Specific Learners or Groups

Allow post-enrollments that only apply to specific learners/ groups/ departments. For some courses, not everyone needs a post enrollment.
11 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Attach certificate as pdf to completion email

It would be great if the certificates could be attached as pdf's to the completion email that gets sent out once the attendance has been marked, instead of it just being available in the "transcript" section. This would increase the learner experi...
6 months ago in Admin Experience 11 Reviewed