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Created on Mar 23, 2022

Reviewer Experience: Allow Review to view Learner Added Content

It would be huge upgraded is the Reviewer could view content or information a Learner has added to the course during the Reviewer Process. As of right now the Reviewer can only view the content they enter. This will allow the Review to "grade" or assess content such as essays entered during the Learner assessment

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  • Guest
    Feb 14, 2024

    Enhanced Assessment Accuracy: Granting reviewers access to learner-entered content enables them to evaluate submissions more accurately. Reviewers can assess the quality, relevance, and completeness of learner-generated content, leading to more informed grading and feedback.

    Improved Feedback Quality: With visibility into learner-entered content, reviewers can provide more detailed and constructive feedback. This enhances the learning experience by offering specific guidance on areas for improvement and reinforcing strengths in learner submissions.

    Streamlined Review Process: By consolidating learner-entered content within the review interface, AbsorbLMS simplifies the review process for reviewers. They no longer need to rely solely on their own input but can leverage learner-generated content to inform their assessments efficiently.

    Enhanced Learner Engagement: The ability for reviewers to assess learner-entered content promotes active engagement and accountability among learners. Knowing that their submissions will be evaluated comprehensively encourages learners to invest more effort in their coursework, leading to improved learning outcomes.

    Facilitated Continuous Improvement: Access to learner-generated content empowers reviewers to identify trends, common challenges, and areas of excellence across submissions. This information can inform curriculum refinement, instructional design enhancements, and ongoing training initiatives, contributing to continuous improvement in learning materials and methodologies.