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Change the department assignment for dashboard templates

We need the ability to CHANGE THE DEPARTMENT that is assigned to a dashboard template so that we can make all of the updates to a template using a test department, then make it live to the correct department when it's ready. Currently, to create a...
Guest 2 days ago in Learner Experience 1

Drag and drop customizes tiles from one container to another.

When you are customizing the dashboard templates, and you have a customized a tile, but realize you would rather it be in a different container, you have to delete it and then rebuild it rather than just drag it to the desired container. This ma...
Suzan Haizlip about 14 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Launch saved reports from saved reports report

I know you can launch saved reports from the widget but it would be great to also be able to go directly to the saved report from the saved report report. As an admin, I have a goodly number of saved and shared reports and it is easier to find the...
Kristin Payne about 16 hours ago in Admin Experience 0
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Preview a Course in the Admin Experience

The ability to preview a functional version of a course in the admin experience would reduce the overhead involved with enrolling into it, launching it in the Learner Experience, and validating the state
Guest 4 months ago in Admin Experience 5 Likely to Implement
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Report on Multiple Courses in a Single Report

The ability to display multiple courses in reports such as the Course Activity Report would enable the following:-Reduce the number of reports which need to be created and stitched together-Quickly validate the status for multiple courses in a sin...
Guest 4 months ago in Reporting 20 Reviewed

Save Column Widths with Save Layout

When I run Reports, often there are some columns with lots of wasted space, and other columns that are cut short and have to wrap around. So, I manually resize the columns.Is it possible to save the column widths with Save Layout?Thanks,Rick
Rick Kerner 17 days ago in Reporting / Admin Experience 0

Mandatory Evaluation should be a course object - too many ignore it

Course Evaluation should be a module just like courses are. Today it is in the right side and often overlooked by our course participants, so they only have 90% completion.A design issue I think.Make Course Evaluation available as a learning objec...
Soren Birch 1 day ago in Learner Experience 1

Sign in to Admin Experience

Can the sign in to Admin experience have the same branding that we've set for the welcome page login as the Learner and Reviewer do? Right now if we sign out or time out while in the Admin experience it defaults to Absorbs log in branding, but the...
Julie Anfenson 3 days ago in Learner Experience 0
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Impersonate Admin

The ability to impersonate an Administrator would enable the following:-Review admin settings-Review admin visibility-Troubleshoot admin issues
Guest 4 months ago in Admin Experience 3 Likely to Implement
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Change rows view from a default 20 to 100

We generally have users with more learning data, which definitely goes beyond 80 rows. Every time changing the row visibility manually is not feasible. Changing the row visibility to a default 100 would make navigation easier.
Guest 3 months ago in Admin Experience 8 Reviewed