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Created by Guest
Created on May 13, 2022

Engage: Managing Collaborations

  1. It'd be great if we could arrange the display order of posts so that the most relevant or useful posts or comments can be seen at the top of the collaboration channel.

I'd imagine this would be through some sort of pin or star feature that admin could control, or a sort/ filter option for the posts with the most likes/ most recent.

This would allow new users to the channel to quickly find and see the most helpful content. It would also ensure that these were the posts that appeared in the preview via the linked course and encourage users to click through to see relevant content.

2. It'd also be great to be able to attach documents to replies, currently if someone were to answer a question and want to attach a useful document they would have to create a new post to be able to upload it to the channel or link to it elsewhere - taking the answer out of the conversation.

3. It'd be useful to be able to run a report on which users have access to the collaboration, rather than having to work it out from the availability rules or activity (assuming they have contributed). Something similar to the enrolment report that shows 'yes' 'no' for access.

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