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Created on Aug 17, 2022

Have leaderboards for courses, not users

It would be great to have a leaderboard for specific courses instead of user groups. For example, if I run a campaign on Customer Service, I want to see who earned the most points just for that content. Currently, all points earned from other courses will contribute to that leaderboard, which isn't helpful to motivate participation in the campaign.

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  • Guest
    Jun 29, 2023

    We are just starting to use leaderboards and have discovered this problem as well... currently, leaderboard points are assigned at the 'object level' - i.e. you have to edit each course and add the leaderboard points to the course. The problem is if you have leaderboard points assigned to other items (such as collaborations), ANY item completed during the time period will earn leaderboard points. So, If you only want it to track points for the courses, you have to find all of the other items that assign leaderboard points and turn them off - meaning you can't run 2 different leaderboards at the same time!

    Additionally, this is a TON of manual work... we were testing the leaderboard with 120 courses, which meant we had to edit each individual course and add the leaderboard points to each one... it would have been much easier to add the courses to the leaderboard instead!