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Status Low Probability of Delivery
Categories Learner Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 28, 2021

Back Button when in My Courses

We would love a back button attend to the My Courses section. Once a user is in their course, there is no back. They have to go back to the menu, and select My Courses again to go back into it. This makes it very difficult for our end users. For example, when using a post-enrollment rule, they have to go to menu, my courses, every time to go back. It would be great to have a back button!

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  • Admin
    Demetrio Pagano
    Dec 9, 2021

    Thank you for submitting this idea. Much like we implemented within Collaborations where there is a back button to get from a Collaboration post to a Collaboration Details and back to the Collaboration Activity feed, we are working on introducing better navigation within a course and lessons. However, given that courses (and collaborations) can be entered from many different entry points, we rely on the browser back button to support the workflow you are suggesting for your learners.