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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 6, 2023

Leaderboards for different activity categories

It would be nice to have the option to set up leaderboards for specific activity categories (i.e. the most comments, has completed the most courses, etc.) to match the different criteria we can assign leaderboard points to. This way organization would be able to recognize which learners are participating more in each category and give recognition accordingly.

Currently the leaderboards only shows the general accumulation of points, but it would be also be interesting to see a feature which lets you see what the learner did recently to gain those points and how many they gained from that activity.

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  • Guest
    Jan 30, 2024

    Agreed! You need to be able to do more segmentation for leaderboards. I want the IT department to have a leaderboard for only IT courses, not every course they have taken from any department. The Leaderboard function is useless without this.