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Status Low Probability of Delivery
Categories Manager Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 11, 2023

give managers the ability to re-assign or deactivate team members

Managers are the first to know if their team changes, give them the ability to transfer a person to a different manager, or deactivate their account if they have left the compnay.

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  • Admin
    Robert Szustakowski
    Mar 8, 2023


    With the introduction of the Manager User type, we aim to delineate between Admins and Managers as two different personas with two different scopes of capabilities and options.

    Account management aligns most closely with the Admin persona, and at this point in time we would not be planning on adding this functionality for Managers.

    Other additional actions in the Manager Experience may be added to expand the scope of capability for Managers however which more closely align with that persona.