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Status Unreviewed
Categories RESTful API V1.5
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 13, 2023

Copy all Course/Chapter/Lesson/Session Enrollments to local DB

We would like to copy all enrollments to our database for reporting purposes. Doing this for all Chapter Enrollments in our case would require over 500k api calls based on combinations of Users and Chapters. Having an Enrollment/Chapters api call with a _limit, _offset, _filter, _sort would be very helpful because we could also perform incremental updates during the day.

A change to the API recently has been to prevent selections of data over 1000 records. While this is somewhat useful for control on Absorb's part, what is missing is the SPAM/Attack effect of a request for all Chapter or Lesson or Session enrollments which would only select a few enrollments each or none. Allowing a selection of 1000 enrollment records would still control the number of calls, but it would also complete much faster and have less of an effect on your servers. Because it completes quicker, other requests could be handled as well.

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