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Status Unreviewed
Categories RESTful API V1.5
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 9, 2023

ISO-3166 Compliance for Countries and Subdivisions (aka Provinces)

Absorb currently converts, and requires, countries and provinces (subdivisions) to be sent as their proprietary Guid value. In order to translate 3rd party standards to their Guid we have to spend API calls to lookup the value. The lookups for country support alpha-2 only.

It would be nice to support the ISO-3166 standard for these lookups. The Country schema should support Alpha-2, Alpha-3, Numeric Code and Name from the ISO-3166 website. Province should be renamed to Subdivision and support 3166-2 Code and Name from the ISO-3166 website.

It is difficult to get a match for subdivision because their only field is Name and this might not align with the ISO-3166 name plus it can change over time.

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