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Status Unreviewed
Categories Learner Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 10, 2023

Expand Manage Templates Settings and Permissions

For manage templates we need the ability to:

(1) Multi-select Departments.

For example, if there are 10 departments that fall under a top-level department, we need to be able to select only 3 of them to assign to a template. Currently our only option now is to select the top-level department and include users/departments that don’t need to see the template OR create 3 separate templates and manage changes in these separately.

(2) Duplicate Templates.

There is currently no way to duplicate a template. Currently each template must be created from scratch from the inherited main template. We would like the ability to select a template to use as the base template when creating a new one.

(3) Department Level Template Permissions.

Manage Templates should NOT require System Admin access that gives full permissions to everything in Absorb. This should be a permission that can be customized in Users > Roles with the ability to assign out a specific template a user or role.

(4) Preview/Publish Templates.

Manage templates should have a Preview or Publish option. Currently if a change is made and saved it becomes live immediately before it can be reviewed.

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