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Created on May 25, 2023

Logging in to Absorb Academy outside of your Portal - username should equal email

HI all, I am very new to Absorb (not launched yet). If I log into the Absorb Academy outside of our portal, my username is over 30 characters long of numbers, letters and dashes. I checked with support and there was no solution. So tossing it out there as a fix. I am assuming because it is not already here most people log in through their portal and perhaps didn't realize the other login option.

But would love some votes on being able to login to the Academy with the same credentials as your Portal.

I found it interesting here as well that Absorb Academy is not one of the categories in the drop-down list below as well.

Thanks for reading


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  • Guest
    Jun 6, 2023

    When I set up a user, I add what I want the email to be in one field and what I want the username to be in another field. I use the user's email address in both fields, so when they log in, they use their email. Have you checked with whoever sets up your users how the system is set up in the back end?