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Created on Jul 7, 2023

Allow auto-evaluation by learner to be able to compare to the Reviewers' evaluation

We are using the Reviewer's evaluation with plant workers, these are learners that do not have an easy access to a device for online content.

We would like the worker to give his/her own appreciation of his/her performance so that in the end, the reviewer can see the perception of the worker compared to what he/she (the reviewer) observed.

The way we imagine this is that the foreman would open the review page for the given learner, and be able to select between the Auto-evaluation page or the Reviewer's page.

If the auto-evaluation page is open, the foreman would let the learner use the tablet so he/she can auto-rate his recent actions, using the same criteria as the reviewer. For the learner, he/she could only enter the evaluation with the criteria of the step (rating, Yes/No or comment), the learner would not be able to write additional comments.

If the reviewer page is selected, then it's the usual reviewer experience.

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