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Status Unreviewed
Categories eCommerce
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 27, 2023

Enable Payment Gateway Tax Features

We would prefer to use Stripe’s tax features since the current Absorb automatic tax calculation doesn’t have the ability to 1) determine if the product is taxable/nontaxable within a jurisdiction and 2) provide a detailed tax report by taxing authority (state, county, city, district).

Stripe mentioned that we would need Absorb to enable the ability to use Stripe’s tax functions as the payment gateway. Can this feature be enabled?

This would be a much simpler approach for us since Absorb's tax calculation features do not meet internal standards from our tax department. Without this, it would require us to 1. abandon absorbs shopping cart and punch out to Stripe (which would expose many other problems with user experience, reporting etc.) or 2. explore a direct custom integration with Stripe which would be very costly and time-consuming.

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