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Created on Sep 7, 2023

Add a feature that allows you to automatically enroll users into ILC sessions when enrolled or self-enrolled into a curriculum

We run curriculums that are a hybrid of online courses and instructor-led sessions. When enrollment occurs into a curriculum, it would be fantastic to have a feature where learners could be automatically enrolled into sessions that live within the ILCs once assigned or self-enrolled into the curriculum.

The ability to enroll yourself or users into multiple sessions of an ILC isn't intuitive enough and doesn't work well when part of a curriculum. From a learner's perspective, it isn't straightforward enough and has caused much confusion when we set up curriculums this way.

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  • Guest
    Jan 19, 2024

    We would like the ability to for learners to be automatically enrolled in a session upon enrollment in an ILT course. There are 2 use cases we have.

    1. A live webinar only has 1 date. So all learners enrolling in that webinar need to enroll in that 1 session date. Instead of requiring learners to click enroll in the ILT at the course level, and then also look for and enroll in the single session, it would be much easier for the learner to just have to enroll in the ILT Course level and automatically be placed in that 1 session. From the admin end, we could have a post-enrollment setting or another sub-setting in the ILT course set-up that allows this.

    2. Similar to the above, if a learner enrolls in/completes Course A and is then automatically enrolled in ILT Course B through a post-enrollment rule. When ILT Course B only has 1 session date, all learners enrolling in ILT Course B would be in that 1 session. Again, instead of requiring learners to take the extra step of searching for an enrolling in that 1 session after enrolling in the ILT Course, it would be easier for the learners to simple be auto-enrolled in both the ILT Course and its only session.

  • Guest
    Oct 5, 2023

    We have 4 different curriculum set up, 1 with 22 courses, many of which are ILC. We only have one session for each of these that all learners will attend so it would be really useful to be able to automatically enrol all learners on the curriculum to all the ILC sessions set up.