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Status Unreviewed
Categories Manager Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 13, 2023

ability to designate proxy managers for other admins for Manager Experience features

It would be great if system admins (or some configurable level of admin) could manually designate "proxy" managers for other manager role users. For example, a CRO currently can see top down who is doing (or not doing what) and enroll any of those users into courses they have been given the ability to enroll people into as managers. But lets say this task is too administrative for a CRO so they would like their administrative assistant and the head of Sales enablement to do this type of reporting and enrolling on this CRO's behalf. If system admins could designate those 2 people as proxy managers for this CRO user, they would have access to see everyone in their chain of command, report on their learning activity, and be able to enroll those users into courses that the CRO's user was given access to for enrolling their direct/indirect reports into.

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