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Categories Third Party Lessons
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 27, 2023

Make the Lesson Details tab optional or ensure that completion score is accurately tracked for 3rd party courses

When you add a lesson to a course using 3rd party software (e.g. Articulate, Captivate, etc) and you have "Lesson Contains Assessment" toggled OFF, the Lesson Details tab in the course player continues to show "Score 0%" and "Remaining Attempts" for that lesson, even though there is no assessment and the course file is configured to track course completion another way (e.g. when the learner finishes 100% of the course.

The result is that the Lesson Details tab looks messy and is confusing, especially if lessons have summaries. When a learner completes a lesson, they see a checkmark in the sidebar showing that the lesson is complete, but they still see a 0% Score on the Details tab. This leaves them wondering if they still have more to complete or if they missed an assessment.

One of these options would be much appreciated:

  • If the "Lesson Contains Assessment" toggle is OFF, then "Remaining Attempts" and the "Score" should not appear on the Lesson Details tab for that lesson.

  • In the case where a course is tracked using completion %, show the progress as Not Started, In Progress, Complete... instead of a Score.

  • In the case where a course is tracked using completion %, no lesson status or score appears.

  • Allow us to toggle the Lesson Details tab OFF so that we can choose to hide it.

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  • Guest
    Dec 7, 2023

    This is a very good idea. I would like to have the ability to remove the Remaining Attempts and Score from the lesson details. Most of the training courses I make have unlimited attempts and no assessment.