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Created on Oct 22, 2021

2 Character Search

This actually cripples us. Our product lines are things such as "BX", "LX", "M7" etc. As a global company we love the system BUT our user's search results return no results. We've co-investigated this feature with Absorb directly but it's controlled at the global level.

Right now even with tags on our search results return 0 entries. Our users get so frustrated with the system because of this little function. While we understand that 2 character searches can return common words like "it" or "at", if its using the proper code it won't return them when searching for one of our products. This is our last hope to get Absorb to listen.

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  • Admin
    Demetrio Pagano
    Dec 9, 2021

    We have actively started on investigation and development of support for 2 character learner search so we will deliver this in due time barring any significant technical challenges.

  • Admin
    Demetrio Pagano
    Oct 27, 2021

    hello. Thank you for this. We will be investigating how to support 2 character search while maintaining a) performance (i.e. 2 character search will require more granular indexing) and b) accuracy (i.e. as you mentioned we do not want to diminish the value of search results for common words like "it"). We will have more details on timeline for delivery once we define our 2022 roadmap.

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