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Created on Dec 4, 2023

More flexible evaluations are necessary!!

The evaluations within Absorb are terrible. Having literally only two categories is extraordinarily limiting, and it becomes impossible to create evaluations that yield meaningful data or frame questions and series of questions for learners in any way.

We've been forced to go outside of the platform to outside evaluation/survey platforms (we use Typeform). But the quality of data takes a slight dip, because using an external learning object divorces the survey results from Absorb data and there's no guarantee of completion, even in a required learning object, as simply clicking the link guarantees success.

Absorb needs to take a long look in the mirror and think about how it can better support the learning experience by delivering on course evaluations. There are multiple LMS competitors who are much better in this space, and this has been such a pain point for so long, that I am left considering moving our platform to get the data we need from our courses.

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