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Status Unreviewed
Categories eCommerce
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 7, 2024

Allow users to REpurchase on behalf of others

We love the addition of the "repurchasing" functionality along with the "purchase on behalf of others" checkbox on the shopping cart page.

We're requesting that these two features be combined to allow users to repurchase course on behalf of others. In other words, If user A has already taken Course1, user B should be able to repurchase Course 1 for user A. This would re-enroll user A in Course1 and allow them to take it again. This is basically how repurchasing already works, but instead of user A having to repurchase it themselves, user B could do it for them. Am I over-explaining?

When trying to do this now, an error is thrown reading, "Courses cannot be repurchased on behalf of others."

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