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Created on Oct 22, 2021

Remove Curriculum Completion when a Course Group Completion within is no longer satisfied.

The situation described below would assist Managers in quickly determining an Employee's Curriculum Training Status, and currency, without having to look at individual Course Completions. I'll describe one existing scenario, but this scenario applies to multiple Compliance and Safety Training Curricula:


I have set up a Curriculum with three Course Groups.

  • Course Group 1 is a single “Must Complete All” Course

  • Course Group 2 has seven separate courses and is set to “Minimum Courses: 1”

  • Course Group 3 is a single “Must Complete All” Course

  • The Curriculum is “Complete” when the three Course Groups are “Complete” – does not have to be in order (Pacing is Off)

  • Upon completion of the Curriculum, a Curriculum Completion Certificate is issued

  • Completion of the Group 1 Course is a 1-time thing; and completion of any one of the Courses in Group 2 is likewise a 1-time thing

  • The Course in Group 3 has its own certificate with a 3-year Expiration

    • This Course is set for Auto Re-enrollment 3 months prior to the certificate expiring

  • All of this is working and is good


When an employee’s Group 3 Course Certificate expires, I’d hoped it would likewise remove the Curriculum Completion because the Group 3 Course Completion is no longer satisfied. Once the Group 3 Course is completed again, a new Certificate is issued for the Course, and the Curriculum Certificate would be likewise renewed. Therefore the Managers only need to check the Curriculum Status to verify an employee is current (meaning Group 1 and 2 Courses done, and Group 3 current).

Actual Result:

The auto-reenrollment is happening as intended, meaning that Group 3 Course has to be re-done. But the Curriculum is staying satisfied throughout because, even though there is a new Group 3 enrollment that is not complete, the system is still seeing the original (historical?) Course Completion and thinks all three parts are still satisfied.


Create a way to remove the Curriculum Completion when the Group 3 Course Certification expires? Then when the Group 3 Course is done, the Curriculum is again satisfied, and the Cert is reinstated? Since these three Groups historically do not have to be, and often are not completed in series, simply tracking the Group 3 completion doesn’t give the Managers the full picture. An employee may still be missing something in Group 1 or 2. Only the Curriculum level could declare Groups 1 and 2 satisfied, and Group 3 Current whenever a Manager needs to review.

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  • Guest
    Jun 30, 2023

    Thank you Majesty - I look forward to the result of your consideration.

    Mark A. Griffin, CPTD
    Training Program Manager
    Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
    13800 Westfair East Drive
    Houston, TX 77041
    281-955-2900 (x1466)


  • Admin
    Majesty Igwenagu
    Jun 30, 2023

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for giving a detailed use-case with examples and your desired outcome. As we plan our future iteration, we'll certainly consider this need. I'll update this thread in the event that we're able to implement this idea.

  • Guest
    Jun 22, 2023

    I agree. A curriculum should not be marked complete if one of the courses inside is expired.

    A curriculum should also be marked incomplete if it's been updated and a new or revised item within needs to be completed by the enrolled learners. However, this should have an effective date, as well. For example, if you manage an onboarding curriculum, and you update it to include a new course on Jan 1, then anyone hired before Jan 1 should stay marked complete and only those hired after Jan 1 would be required to complete the new course to satisfy the curriculum.