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Categories Curriculum
Created by Guest
Created on May 8, 2024

Turn off enrollment emails for courses included as a Post-Enrollment on a Curriculum

We've added a curriculum that is a collection of individual courses. The curriculum post-enrolls all the component courses as they are all required of the learner.

The individual courses are also available outside of the curriculum.

Because enrollment messages are turned on for the individual courses, the post-enrollments trigger an email for each and every course. We also have an enrollment email on the curriculum.

All these messages are confusing for the learner - and since the individual messages also include a link to the course, learners are able to bypass the curriculum and complete the component courses out of order.

We are stuck with 1. disabling the messages on the component courses temporarily while we enroll learners in the curriculum (then enabling them again) or 2. creating a duplicate version of the individual courses with the message turned on. Neither are good options long term.

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