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Created on May 11, 2024

Language Localization Enhancement for Absorb LMS

To enhance the user experience and ensure seamless localization within Absorb LMS, we propose the implementation of advanced language localization features. These features aim to address the following use cases:

  • 1. Messaging Localization:

    • Use Case: Users expect messaging to align with their language preference.

    • Issue: Current system triggers only English-based message templates, failing to accommodate users' language preferences.

    • Proposed Solution: Implement a mechanism to trigger translated message templates based on users' selected language preferences, ensuring a personalized and localized messaging experience.

  • 2. Content Localization:

    • Use Case: Users expect all localized content and Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to be displayed accurately.

    • Issue: Translated course descriptors are only available in English, limiting accessibility for non-English speakers.

    • Proposed Solution: Ensure that all translated content, including course descriptors, is readily available in the user's preferred language, facilitating a fully localized learning environment.

  • 3. Curriculum Localization:

  • Use Case: Users seeking certification expect that only courses available in their preferred language appear in the curriculum list.

  • Issue: Current display shows all localized courses within a curriculum, leading to confusion and inefficiency.

  • Proposed Solution: Implement a filter mechanism to display only courses available in the user's selected language within the curriculum, streamlining the certification process and enhancing user satisfaction.


  • Enhanced User Experience: By providing a fully localized learning environment, users will enjoy a seamless and personalized experience tailored to their language preferences.

  • Improved Accessibility: Non-English speakers will have equal access to all content and features within Absorb LMS, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

  • Brand Enhancement: Meeting the expected standard of a fully localized experience at the enterprise level strengthens Autodesk's brand reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Addressing these feature gaps will eliminate mixed-language experiences within Absorb LMS, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and bolstering Autodesk's brand image as a provider of inclusive and user-centric learning solutions. We believe that implementing these language localization enhancements will significantly improve the overall user experience and contribute to the success of Absorb LMS in the enterprise market.

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