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Created on May 13, 2024

Proposal: Integrating Tag Management System for Enhanced User Behavior Tracking of external users in Absorb LMS

Current State & Major Pain Points:

Our objective is to consistently conduct audits of external user behavior and gather user feedback within the Absorb LMS platform. Regrettably, there is no mechanism in place to track user behavior for our external customer-facing site. This absence of tracking and surveying mechanisms creates a substantial gap in our ability to gather both quantitative and qualitative data regarding how users interact with the platform.

In order to gather data from our external users, we are mandated to enable our user privacy policy workflow. This workflow offers users the option to opt out of tracking and being surveyed. Our privacy policy workflow is intricately embedded within our tag management system.

Expected Benefits:

The implementation of a robust tag management system within Absorb LMS offers several key benefits for our organization:

  • Valuable Insights: We aim to collect valuable insights into how users navigate the platform, engage with content, and interact with various features.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Understanding user behavior is crucial for making informed decisions about user experience enhancements. Without this data, our ability to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions is severely hindered.

  • Optimized User Experience: By comprehensively understanding how users interact with the platform, we can optimize features, streamline navigation, and personalize the user experience to better meet the needs of our users and align with our business objectives.


Unfortunately, Absorb does not presently allow for the insertion of necessary tag management system code to support our privacy policy workflow.

Idea for Absorb Product Management:

To effectively address this issue and unlock the full potential of user behavior tracking and feedback collection, we propose enabling the insertion of our tag management system code onto the Absorb platform. By facilitating the integration of our tag management system, Absorb can seamlessly activate our privacy policy workflow, thereby enabling the collection of user behavior tracking and feedback on our external customer-facing site.


Enhancing user behavior tracking and feedback collection capabilities within Absorb LMS is critical for driving continual improvement and ensuring a user-centric platform. By enabling the integration of our tag management system, Absorb can empower organizations like ours to gather valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize the user experience effectively. We believe that this enhancement will not only address current pain points but also unlock new opportunities for enhancing user satisfaction and achieving our business objectives.

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