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Categories Curriculum
Created by Guest
Created on May 16, 2024

Add a curriculum group to the top, middle, etc - not just at the end and have to move up

Hi, when you have a curriculum with a lot of groups already and you're adding a new one, it automatically gets created at the bottom (no other option), and then you have to try to move it where you want it. Sometimes that is very difficult (esp if a group you're trying to get in front of has a lot of courses contained in it). In fact, if you hover over a group for too long, it will glitch and move your new group back to the bottom.

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  • Guest
    May 20, 2024

    When I use a form creator tool, you have the ability to add a question anywhere within the form. You hover over the item that you want to add the question below and click on the add button and it then adds the question in that location rather than at the bottom. It would be really useful if you could add a curriculum group in the same way.