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Status Unreviewed
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 4, 2024

Store Course Materials in an ILT by an Admin

We have certain ILT's that it would be great to be able to store Power Points, PDFs, and Videos in a similar fashion as are viewed in a CBT. Especially if this ability to be applied to the Session level. While you can store these files in the Global Resources, it is not as nice as being able to see an embedded file inside of the linked location. It also requires users to have a greater understanding of how to access course materials than they typically use.

For now, we are using a work around in the system using a CBT to create these ILT courses and save the attendance list. However, it requires creating individual CBTs per session, and the list can potentially get long considering the number of individual locations we have.

I realize this is a significant ask, so just hoping it could potentially be added to a future update.

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