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Created on Jan 5, 2022

Admin Refresh – Images Embedded in Messages Not Visible in Outlook

My company recently turned over to the Admin Refresh and is encountering unadvertised changes leading to problems and poor experiences. Here's another one.

We just figured out that images embedded in messages that we send through the LMS are not visible for users who pick up the messages on their desktop Outlook application. But, strangely, the images are visible on Outlook Web and from within the LMS itself.

I contacted Absorb Support and was told that this problem is a Microsoft problem and therefore Absorb has no solutions for it. Absorb clients just have to live with it.

But this wasn't a problem in older versions of the LMS software. And since many of our learners use desktop Outlook, it's really unhelpful.

Is this an acceptable situation? Can we bring back the old version of the software where this wasn't a problem?

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  • Guest
    Aug 12, 2022

    I am seeing embedded images in the desktop version of Outlook on a PC and on the "New Outlook" version on a Mac.