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Push Notifications for App

Absorb is very reliant on logging in and emails for communication. Younger staff use text more often, or rely on notifications (we are the restaurant industry, so it is a large portion of our staff). The biggest flaw on the app, and the reason we ...
almost 2 years ago in Mobile App 1 Unreviewed

Global Resources availability in Mobile App

Our team out in the field has the need to reference Global Resources from the Mobile app.
over 1 year ago in Mobile App 5 Unreviewed

All Features on Mobile App

All feature should be available on the mobile app -- all courses, catalogs, resources, descriptions, leaderboards, messaging, etc.
about 1 year ago in Mobile App 6 Unreviewed

Mobile App Course Progress

When Learners start a course online through the mobile app, and then realize they need to go offline, as soon as they download the course any progress up until that point will be lost. It would be ideal if Learners could start a course on their mo...
over 1 year ago in Mobile App 0 Unreviewed

ILCs on the Absorb App

We would like to utilize the absorb app but we use many ILCs. We would love for ILCs to be compatible for the app. Our leadership has voiced how helpful this would be and we think it would make Absorb that much more user friendly to have app acces...
about 2 years ago in Instructor Led Courses / Mobile App 1 Unreviewed

Search by Category in App

Create the ability for users to search by course category within the APP. Currently only two tab (My Courses and Catalog).
about 2 years ago in Mobile App 0 Unreviewed

Sizing on Mobile App

Ability to edit the font, sizing, icons, etc for the mobile app. We've gotten feedback that it is too small.
about 1 year ago in Mobile App 0 Unreviewed

External Training Form assessible on mobile app

Upload training via the external training form assessible on mobile app along with any attachments added to this training.
almost 2 years ago in Mobile App 0 Unreviewed

Mobile Enabled Indicator

In our previous system, courses that were mobile enabled displayed a little apple icon, indicating to the user that the course could be played on a mobile device. Since we largely have to use the mobile web browser due to app limitations, having s...
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Mobile App 0 Unreviewed

Be able to view, download, and export CEU credits and Certificates in mobile app

We are working on creating a LMS for medical providers. It would be helpful if providers could view, download, and export their CEU credits and certificates from the mobile app. Providers spend a lot of their time on tablets or phones. They also d...
9 months ago in Mobile App 0 Unreviewed