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Partial Refund

When marking a transaction refunded, please added the enhancement of being able to change the refunded dollar amount. If we only submit a refund for 1 seat but 2 seats were purchase, the information is skewed and could lead to confusion if needing...
4 months ago in Billing 0 Unreviewed

Create different billing systems for schools

Schools need different billing structures than regular organizations - all teachers need access to Create and learner numbers are smaller - ideally parents have viewing access not course enrollment access. Can you create a pricing structure that i...
6 months ago in Billing 0 Unreviewed

For Internal Learners, only bill/charge for active learners at the end of month/year.

During the Summit, two Clients mentioned that they have to delete inactive learners in order to avoid being charged. This causes them to have to export the inactive learners transcripts prior to deleting them.
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Billing 0 Unreviewed