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Enhance support for SSO OpenID Connect

Enhance support for SSO using OpenID Connect. I was advised there is more robust logging using SAML 2.0. It would be great to have similar or more logging for OpenID Connect to assist developers when attempting to integrate. Currently after our sy...
about 1 year ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

API 1.5 Re-Enrollments

With the current functionality, API-triggered Re-Enrollments do not send the Learner a Course Enrollment email. It would be helpful to have API-triggered re-enrollments function the same as re-enrollments triggered via the Admin Interface with res...
about 1 year ago in RESTful API V1.5 0 Unreviewed

Integrate Competencies with Performance Mgmt Vendor Platforms

Would love to be able to connect required competencies to courses. If an organzation has a competency structure, how to connect the two to automate.
over 2 years ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Sort search results by name

Infuse search calls allows sorting by price. Allow sorting by name as it is our users most common sort.
over 2 years ago in Infuse 0 Unreviewed

Enable integration with Userway (accessibility widget)

Please consider ability to integrate Userway widget. We are a business (WeFlex) teaching people to work with people with a disability and would appreciate our own LMS to role model from the front with an accessible system. Thank you.
over 2 years ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Support Country and Province Name/Code When Working with User APIs

Currently country and province need to be sent in Absorb's proprietary Guid value. It would be nice if you could also send the country/subdivision code or name and Absorb would automatically store it as the Guid internally. When getting the user i...
over 1 year ago in RESTful API V1.5 0 Unreviewed

ISO-3166 Compliance for Countries and Subdivisions (aka Provinces)

Absorb currently converts, and requires, countries and provinces (subdivisions) to be sent as their proprietary Guid value. In order to translate 3rd party standards to their Guid we have to spend API calls to lookup the value. The lookups for cou...
over 1 year ago in RESTful API V1.5 0 Unreviewed

RingCentral Video - Classroom Integration

We would love to see the option to integration RingCentral Video in the same way you can integration Zoom into a virtual classroom.
over 2 years ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Add all fields of the Observation checklist to be exported via the API

Make it so individual answers/ratings, comments and fields of the checklist can be exported via the API.
over 2 years ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reporting / RESTful API V1.5 0 Unreviewed

See in progress courses in BambooHR

All users would be able to see the in-progress courses in the training tab rather than just the completed courses.
over 2 years ago in BambooHR / Integration 0 Unreviewed