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Add SCIM synchronization with Azure Active Directory

System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an open standard protocol for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains and IT systems. All of our internal systems are moving to this approach as I am told ...
about 21 hours ago in Rest V1.5 0

API End Point for External Trainings

Please create an end point regarding to the External Trainings (Using External Training Template). This will help: -Pull external training data by user(credits, vendors etc) -Evaluate user external trainings -Calculate/Maintain/Report Employee (Us...
3 months ago in Integration 0

Create API with Credly

This is useful so clients aren't forced to build their own API with the third-party, Credly. THis is used when users complete a course or curriculum in Absorb, it will automatically be pushed to Credly. Clients are forced to build their own API co...
14 days ago in Integration 0

LinkedIn Learning Integration

I would love to see a "language" filter in the content library. This would make it easier for admins to sort and import content by language vs. relying on the naked eye to sort through over 20,000 courses. LinkedIn does provide an excel sheet of a...
11 days ago in Integration 0

Sync Multiple Course Certificate Expiry Dates

An optional function found in the LMS course settings that would allow you to sync two separate course certificate expiry dates. Use case would be subsequent different knowledge level courses where the next course requires achieving at least an eq...
7 days ago in Integration 0

Improving Resources Subfolders

We would like to have a "download all" button for all documents in each subfolder of the resources area - to be able to download the whole bulk of files rather than doing that one by one.
4 months ago in Integration 0

Microsoft Teams Breakout Room Manager capabilitiy

In July, Microsoft released to Microsoft Teams the ability for meeting owners to designate attendees as presenter/managers of breakout rooms. Also released was the ability to pre-assign breakout rooms. When Absorb schedules an ILC session with MS ...
6 months ago in Integration 4

Allow learners to share their training with LinkedIn

Not sure exactly how this would look but my team is currently looking at micro-credentials and digital badges that our learners would be able to share on their LinkedIn profiles. Would be a cool option if we could do this through our LMS somehow. ...
about 1 year ago in Integration 0

Skillsoft Percipio integration

We would like an automatic connector for Skillsoft Percipio.
4 months ago in Integration 0

We would like the option to add surveys

Currently, there is a "polls and surveys feature".The current polls feature only allows multiple choice questions. However, we would like to have the option for a survey, with an option for free text so that we can ask specific questions and recie...
29 days ago in Integration 0