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Post approximate time durations for videos available in the Amplified Library

Create a notification of the video's time duration in the title or something in the main screen instead of making us dig through the description, IF it's even available. This will better allow us to gauge the approximate time needed to complete co...
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Users with a course status of 'In Progress' continue with the same course version

When course content is updated the assigned 'in progress' users will continue with the version they originally launched. Currently that version is overwritten. I find that when I update a course, usually Scorm content, the in progress users will h...
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Checked box for users and courses

Hello, Every time I click on a user or course, the check box stays checked after I save. I would have to manually scroll down to uncheck. Is there a way to uncheck once the page goes back/ refreshes? Hope this makes sense.
over 1 year ago in Content 1 Unreviewed

When you start the course and completed you have to go back to start a new course. It will be awesome if the window will update and take to the next one instead of the learner going back to the Dashboard

No description provided
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Adding Supervisor Field When Uploading Reports

Hello, This issue was brought up once when I connected with a representative from Absorb. When I upload reports, there's no field to add 'supervisor'. that is something I'd have to do manually. Is there any way to add in this column? It would make...
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Enable xml markup on Assessment questions so I can do rtl (for arabic) on questions and answers

We support 6 non-English languages, including Arabic. I would love to be able to show assessment questions (and answer choices) in rtl...
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Default settings per category

I'd like to see an option for default settings for courses and curricula based on category. This would include curricula and course thumbnails, certificates, notification settings, etc. based on category. So all of the courses created in the categ...
almost 2 years ago in Content 0 Unreviewed

Secure Content from unauthorized distribution.

Most of the content that we have needs to be protected from unauthorized distribution. We need to have a way to protect these digital assets to protect our patents and IPs. As a result, we wanted to see if its possible to secure access having some...
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Absorb Content Reporting Tools

Submitting for a client. There may be value in adding more reporting tools to the Absorb Content report. Traliant Library for example.
almost 2 years ago in Content 0 Unreviewed

Forum/Discussion Board Learning Object

I'd like to see a new learning object where learners can talk to each other and share ideas and upload media. A discussion board with dated threads would be ideal. The course admin needs to be able to moderate and remove/alter learner posts.
almost 2 years ago in Content 0 Unreviewed